Monday, December 30, 2013


Tom and I ventured out to the mythical Benchlands Sunday.  Temps started out pretty chilly 4 degrees but soon things warmed up to around freezing.  As usual Tom knew where to go so we checked out some old projects and ventured way back into the jumble of this massive area.

Very cool looking project gonna need some more people and pads for this one

After gawking at the roof project- which was in the shade and a touch too tall for my liking with a nasty sloping landing, we ventured further in to check out these old overhanging fin projects.  Tom basically gave these to me as a Christmas present I must have been on the nice list.  Many options on this fin in particular exist with lots of cool holds and patinas.  One problem on this fin Verus has a stand start through a flake, a direct, a sit start and a harder right to left problem Priscus.

Verus - Gladiator Fin - Benchlands
Another angle of Verus
After the fun on the fins we went way back into the Benchlands and of course discovered some more things that we should visit another day.

Getting way back in the Benchlands

After wondering around a bit we found ourselves at another old project. Here is a short vid of one of many failed attempts.  It is one of those problems that is not super hard but requires a fair bit of precision and fingertips of steel something I lack.

Yet another failed attempt

Cicada skin this is how a felt after this project destroyed me yet again - empty

After giving up on my old nemesis.  We made our way to an overhang by Trengel an old invert problem from the days of yore.  This problem looked really difficult to me especially the top (which I have not pictures of) it is just blank.  I beach-whaled the top of this like no other on the FA - loosing many style points.

Dirty Girl - Trengel Area - Benchlands

What can be considered a success without a little finger carnage?

All in all a great day!


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