Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Black Friday in the Dryads

While many where out there in malls and department stores fighting the crowds - we were fighting stone in the Dryads.  It turned out to be a stellar day before an arctic blast descended on Montana this week.  For some reason it ended up being the day of highball FAs.  The temps were good the mind and body were steady - might as well go for it right!?  The only thing I can attribute the steadier nerves than normal is the increased levels of tryptophan in my blood stream from the night before.  The first on the menu was a crack problem that we all said we would do someday - but really we didn't want to top it out.  Bring on being scared!

Guy working the start to Black Friday a fun and painful crack problem

Don't blow the top out on this one ladies and gentleman.  The top section of Black Friday

Next on the list was a project on the En Vogue Boulder left of Denier cri.  Tom actually pointed it out to me a while back.   I thought it was way too thin and too powerful for me.  Plus the upper section had a terrible landing.  Somehow I was able to piece it together unlocking a very cool and technical problem.

Mad crimping on du Jour - En Vogue Boulder - Dryads
Last week the crew was projecting this scary looking wave featured boulder.   I had looked at in the past but never put any time into working it.  With the help of Tom's beta from last week I was able to send.  Yet another no fall monster was born.

The final sketchy slab moves on Wavelength
The final FA of the day we got no pictures of - the problem was not that hard but after topping it out I realized I had made an amateur error.  How do I get off of this thing?  I ended up having to jump off the top about 8 feet down to another boulder in with my climbing shoes on- ouch that'll teach yah.

On a side note Tom and I are doing a slideshow at Northern Lights this Weds the 4th @ 7:30 about our FA of the Pisce Wall in the Beartooths this Summer.   Come on by and join us.



edejom said...

One of the last best days to get out for 2013--fun time for all, including myself and my miniature crew :-)

mancub said...

Wavelength looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wavelength is pretty sweet.