Friday, December 5, 2008

The Psyche

The joy is evident, much love to the Boulder Batholith.

The season takes a colder, quieter turn...these are the months of doubt for many, truly testing what is believed as doable, or at least tolerable. A few bow out and hibernate, or believe training would be a better option. For others, a change in mediums is necessary, exchanging mid-day sun boxes for alpine starts. Some simply take a reprieve from the ascents altogether, and concentrate on descents...

To those who still believe, exploration and motivation is pushed to lower elevations, group sizes dwindle sometimes all the way down to solo missions. Though when the psyche is there, our batholith recognizes the love shown and delivers.

Bring yourself, your psyche, your motivation, your love, your hot drinks, joy, and your offering. Much love to the Boulder Batholith, a resource that always seems to give just what I need.

If you can speak, write, and believe things into existence, then there is a saucer out there...similar to the Big Shoe Roof, though it's larger, longer and is hand sized...I'll be out there looking for you...

1 comment:

Maverick said...

Tom, indeed it has been awesome coming over and the love always comes from the lith, give and thou shalt receive