Saturday, December 6, 2008

Secret weapon trial

Levi, Dean, Tom and Pat hooked up on the East side of the 'lith, but bad phone communications kept my new "secret weapon" partner and I from meeting them. Ben, my roofer/friend wanted to see what the whole bouldering scene was about. A crew session display would have to wait, but I took the opportunity out to get him on the pebbles to see if he had it in him.

At 6 feet 7 inches tall, Ben stretches out on a warm-up.

Mojede ridge runnin'.

I've yet to measure his wing span, but I get the feeling that it may be slightly more than mine.

Pretty sure this is new send--"Ben dare, done dat" V0-

The big fella topping the back side of Pat's Chimney.

Ben was so psyched that he, his wife, and maybe kids have found low-cost recreating in the Butte area. Good for him/us/me.

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TKingsbury said...

Nice Kev! Sorry we didn't link up. We ended up at ringing rocks...

That's rad Ben is starting to see the joy the batholith has to offer! Hope we can all link up sometime...