Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Druthers in February

Another great day in the Boulder Batholith! Hutch, Pat and I met up with Levi, Beth, and Eric...they had just done a day and an overnight at Whiskey Gulch with a larger crew from Missoula and were ready for day two. Word has it there is currently 6-8 inches of snow in areas of that zone...we decided to stay in lower elevations so we could have a more snow free day than that...Druthers seemed like a good bet...

Session on a new problem...Levi quickly dispensed, with Pat and Eric nabbing quick sends as well. NICE!

Rounding out the day on Birthday Crack

It was a great day with alot of stoke. More stuff seems to appear at the Druthers every time I return...and it was rad to have group psyche to get some problems done!

Hopefully more days like this are in store...until then



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