Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Offwidth Bouldering Overview

There have been a number of offwidth boulder problems established in the last couple of years out here in the Boulder Batholith. This is a bit of an overview, working up by relative difficulty, though I'm sure the order is debatable.

-5.6 Crack

This is a taller warm-up in the rear of the Brickyard, pretty straight forward.


A lowball kick through moderate in the East Tracks. Good intro to getting the feet over the head.

-Topless Pillow Fight

A taller moderate north of the Brickyard.


Wide to a slight bulge, out in the Northern Bourbons.

-Unknown Fate

Just above the Hidden Hall, which is also the entrance leading up to the Brickyard

-Big Slick

A committing layback in the Benchlands

-Captain Trips

An interesting a-frame invert problem in the Lower Moose Creek area


Another a-frame, but this one is in the Northern Bourbons


Inverted dihedral problem out in the Anomalies, starts inverted, though a harder start could be established a bit further in...

-Kung Fu Kick Through

This is a precision kick through located in the East Tracks. Watch your head!

-Eastern Aframe

Low to the ground but hard. Hard invert, swing out to dimple(pictured), to a nasty sit up/mantel. East Tracks

-Western Aframe

Just west of the Eastern Aframe @ East Tracks.

-Hotdog in the Hallway

Out in the Druthers lies this awkward, but quality problem

-Fruh's Wide

Committing, awkward and unrepeated. The Brickyard

-Big Shoe Roof

Out near the Aspens, this problem utilizes baggy heel-toe jams, and alot of confidence to get to the lip


Out in the Benchlands is this ~20 foot roof crack. Hands to pinch to off width/squeeze flair.

-Brickyard Cave
-Inside Straight
-Jackie Brown's Fart Locker


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Thanks for putting this together, Tom--fun to look at and dream...