Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A feeling...

Sunday was a scorcher for Montana standards especially in April.  80+ degrees are you kidding me!?  Despite the temps I decided to check out an area that I had walked into a couple weeks before- just because I had a feeling.  I was somewhat skeptical that I could even find them again but I walked right to them somehow- guess I am finally getting good at this maze walking.  The weird part was all that I missed tons of climbable blocks.  I must have walked right passed it.  Here is a small sampling of some of the blocks that I found.

The Fine Boulder

Par for the course - lotsa stuff out there

A rare Batholith overhang with a long rail and features

The Porpoise

I then returned to one of the boulders I had found previously The Porpoise and finished a nice crimp problem The Flowers of Edo.  After scoping out more and more I realized there is some great potential here.  Then I walked along farther and found a real gem.  I have been trouncing around in the Batholith for a number of years now and this block is surely one of the nicest I have found.  Feeling vindicated...

Superb Boulder


edejom said...

I think that I have a similar photo-set of those--I'll check for sure. Cool stones, if they're the same ones that I'm remembering :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah its in a spot we have walked near many times. Good stone good landings.