Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter's Friction

Montana's typical high pressure has been bringing mild temperatures and blue skies.  With such weather, its criminal not to get out and touch some stone.  Pulling down on sunny granite as opposed to greased limestone is an easy choice for some soul climbing on a winter's day.  A good looking crew gathered this past Saturday to enjoy a bit of the "Desert" area low on the Delmoe Lake Road.

Starting at the "Mastodon" boulder and barely moving we managed a full day with several FA's and quite a few repeats.

Joe on the FA of an open-project

Committing to the exit

Zana showing the beta...and Patrick finishing off Betadine

Whitmore flashing the FA of ArborMedic V4+

Atop Variety Cracks

A really great day spent with a good posse of pysched and positive people.  Days like this give the feeling that this area is not yet close to being tapped out, as is the case with most areas of the Batholith.

Go touch some rock today!

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jpfs said...

Super fun session. Problem name: Bureau of Logging and Mining. Psyched to get back out.