Monday, April 19, 2010


I can still feel it in my tips as I type this...3 great days worth of bouldering out in the Isolated Boulders.

Things started up Friday when I rolled out with Whitmore to the Desert and met up with Guy...things were bluebird and sunny! We quickly rolled over the hill, nabbed my trailer from Hutch, and pulled it up into the trailer had yet to rest at such a fine location, old Doug firs complimented the open views of the Highlands stretching east to the Tobacco Roots...the warm air and slight breeze made for a perfect afternoon.

Friday afternoon consisted of working on projects in the main Isolated Boulders with a touch of and tendons were pushed to the limit for the day when Hutch and Ben arrived for an evening didn't stop us from putting in a few more though...Fire, food, stories and libations ensued...I retired to my trailer a fog...

Saturday arrived quickly...I awoke and took a morning walkabout...a bit east from the camping was the telltale sign of potential...I gather the fellas and we went and explored, only to return for our pads and gear minutes later...The Isolated Boulders were growing...We were soon joined by Max, Ron, and Forest...and the enthusiasm led to some great climbing...

That evening I returned to the Boz only to be greeted by the psyche of Kalah wanting to get out the following day. We headed out the next morning, greeted Andrew and Zana, and before I knew it, a large posse of excited boulderers showed up to check out the new goods. My tips and I let them have at the projects while Kalah, Jesse, Amanda and I went off to explore some of the other surrounding, unclimbed potential...after about 8 new problems and a number of new finds we decided to head back to the group and the trailer...and word has it things went equally well back at the projects, with a couple more problems succumbing to the psyche...hopefully we can get some news and pictures from some others.

Some pictures:

Working "Tom's Project"...made some progress too!

Andrew on No Sense V3

Guy cruising up a new one

Ron and Forest on a new tall slab

Max on another tall slab...the arete/prow in the foreground went soon after.

Overall, it was great weekend, and I so happy that so many people are getting out and enjoying the Boulder Batholith!



fotohayes said...

Killer report Tom, I wish I could of made it out for some t shirt weather on the Divide with ya all. Next time, if I'm lucky-

veritascs said...

damn, every photo im a little balder...

TKingsbury said...

No Max, every photo you're a little BOLDER! Nice sends!

Ty Gittins said...

So sick. Great photos