Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thats a highball.

Here's a photo of Kyler sending a tall one in the Lower Isos this past Saturday. V5ish start to a heady top-out.

Aaron Thrasher (photo credit)


edejom said...

Sooo glad that some one captured one of the two ascents on this boulder. On Whit's FA, I was scampering about to find a camera before he sent, but was too late.

Such a great highball for a photograph--good job, Aaron!

Ultra-creds to anybody who can stay cool-headed and top this thing out:-)

TKingsbury said...

LOVE this shot!

TKingsbury said...

Three ascents actually Kevin.

Whit, Aaron and Kyler


veritascs said...

Grats to the senders! That problem is strong!