Monday, May 18, 2009

More Delmoe Lake Bouldering

Bouldering along a lake shore is a pretty nice feeling. Being originally a Midwesterner, I sometimes miss the lakes and pines...this hike amongst Delmoe Lakes' boulders and climbing near the water brought on a great feeling.

slightly dynamic move to the flake

Weird highstep/reach thing

great moderate along the shore

This thing was on the edge of alot more quality looking boulders. I gave this problem a couple of goes, but the day was drawing to a close and we had a party in Butte to attend.

The topout, filled with moist pine needles, caused me to rethink pulling over, and instead lobbed a nice fall from the lip. sweet



Josh Gage said...


Great shots! The lakeside bouldering looks pretty excellent! I think I'll finally be puting the skis away after a super long season. Gotta lose some leg and put on some arm! Keep up the good work in the batholith!



TKingsbury said...

Thanks Josh!

Your always welcome to join us