Sunday, January 3, 2010

Opening Day--2010

Fresh snow overnight, combined with afternoon flurries, kept the first "climbable" day of the New Year in check. Spirits ran high, but most of the boulders ran snow-topped. A few moments on the stone:

Can a sacrifice to the shirt gods bring about more sun?

Ron on the crimpy project

Pat throwing a blind hand

Reaching the "crux" holds...

Solid pulling to the top

Taking the quick and DRY descent:-)

Another Saturday pebble event...

1 comment:

TKingsbury said...

snowy top outs...damn freak storms...probably the most accumulation this fall/winter I've seen...

Good day though! Psyched Ron nailed the Fruhline sds...probably the send of the day.

The Airship to get back to that rig soon...

Mojede, can you confirm if all that has melted out yet?